Q: Are your diamonds conflict-free?
A: Conflict-free diamonds are diamonds that were mined, cut, polished and shipped by individuals who do not suffer from human rights abuses or violence. The mining processes do not degrade or harm the environment, and all workers involved in the production of the diamonds are of legal working age. At Atlas, we do our best to make sure our diamonds are conflict-free by doing business only with the most reputable and established vendors in the industry. 

Q: Are your diamonds GIA-certified?
A: Amongst our certified stones, 99% are GIA-certified, and the other 1% are AGS-certified. This is a product of our dedication to quality and transparency.

Q: Does Atlas create any custom-designed jewelry?
A: Yes! We'll work closely with you to make beautiful jewelry exactly to your specifications. We then work with premiere jewelers in the industry that use CAD-based software technologies to produce wax models of our jewelry designs so you can get a feel for the size and shape of your product before your piece is finalized. We draw inspiration from timeless designs and legendary craftsmen that have made their mark in diamond and jewelry history. 

Q: Do you carry classic or vintage-cut diamonds?
A: Yes again! We have a wide selection of diamonds that pay homage to Western-European heritage with classical styling and antique-era designs, including Classic, Old-Miner's, Old-European, Transitional, Early-American, and more.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes. We ship to any and all countries that can be reached via FedEx, UPS, and armored-car services such as Brinks Courier. 

Q: Do you buy, diamonds and/or jewelry?
A: Certainly. We are extremely competitive buyers. We buy all kinds of loose diamonds (no diamond is too large!), and we also buy vintage-cut stones and estate jewelry.

Q: Do you offer recutting services?
A: Yes, we can take your old, worn, and beaten up diamonds and work with top diamond manufacturers to get them cut to triple-excellent specifications (GIA-standardized).

Q: Do you take in stones to sell on consignment?
A: Yes. We will take your stones or jewelry and list them on the world's top diamond and gem trading sites like RapNet and Polygon and sell them on your behalf, on a competitive commission basis.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We honor most personal checks, we accept bank wires, and we accept credit cards when presented in person.